Dear friends, traveling through the Internet pages you peeped to us. We invite you to visit one of the most beautiful regions of the Russian North: Kargopolie

Kargopolie is a land of nonfictional brands, a meeting with a unique northern nature and architecture. Active and abandonedchurches and chapels, old farmhouses, holy places, many rivers and lakes ornament it as strung on a single thread. The Kargopolie soil is a unique open-air museum where the monuments are living in a natural environment.Wooden architecture, north folk, country dinners


Our most delicious program

days,price from 7800 р


8 days

,price from 19900 р

Rest on the porch

days, price from 16500 р

Lekshmozero - Lake District

Lake Vilno
days, price from19500 р

Сar expedition to the Оnega-land

Экспедиция по Поонежью

days, price from24000 р by own car


days, price from 15000 р

RUSSIAN Masters’ Festival

3 days,cost 8800 р

RAFTING on the Onega RiverKayaking

  7days, price from 19500 р


8 days, price from 26500 р


Kayaking or rafting


We organize kayakinglasting from 1.5 hours (over Kargopolie cripples - every Friday and Saturday - groups) to a few days mainly under the orders of friendly companies.


- rafting on the Vama-Vodla. This is a river located in the eastern part of Karelia within theterritory of Vodlozero National Park - one of the largest in Europe. Rifts and cripples, good fishing.We organize rafting from theend of May to the end of June. From 3 to 5 days. Photos can be viewed here.


- kayaking along the river Voloshka. The Voloshkais a feeder of the Onega, one of the calm rivers of the region, but there is beautiful nature, an opportunity to spend the night in the hunter’s izba, take a bath and get a fish - pike, perch, grayling, and roach.


The following separate services can be provided:


Loop tours, sight-seeing tours around the near and remote surroundings.

Guide-conductors, tour guides and guide-interpreters services.We have the best tour guides of Kargopolie, such fascinatingpersonalities asGalinevich Leonid Ivanovichand Agapitov AndreiAlbertovichare among them.

Accommodation booking: Kargopol Hotel (3 *), guest houses, private sector.

Organization of transfers and trips over the region and Poonezhye. Cars, vehicles manufactured at the Ul’ianovskiy car factory, minibuses, PAZbuses.

Rent of bikes and row pleasure plastic boats, an opportunity of independent walking on the Onega water area near the town and walking to the Lachelake, fishing with an angle.

Organization of master classes on clay toy, rag doll, tetoerka [a kind of biscuits], weaving, painting on the wood, bakery.

Arranging of concert meetings by on-stage performance groups.